Introducing our Vitella Calf Mat – the ultimate solution for young calves up to 350kg! Designed for safety and comfort, our mats offer a sure-footed experience and a cozy environment for your animals.

With Vitella Calf Mat, you can provide a secure space for your calves, ensuring fewer injuries and supporting their natural movement patterns. Crafted with care and attention to detail, our mats are preferred by animals due to their slip-resistant rubber surface. Discover the Vitella Calf Mat – your ideal choice to meet the DIN 3763 Class II standards for young calves up to 350kg. Ensure the safety and well-being of your animals with our top-quality mats.

Key Product Highlights & Performance Benefits

    • Heavy-duty, vulcanized rubber construction engineered and tested to meet the dryness and comfort requirements of DIN 3763 class II for young calves up to 350kg.
    • Unique studded underside provides enhanced cushioning to support calf growth and enhance weight gain while reducing noise and stress for the animal.
    • Domed surface texture helps minimize the risk of slips and falls, reducing the number of injuries and animal losses.
    • Dense rubber construction minimizes heat loss which is especially important for young calves that are more susceptible to temperature fluctuations.
    • Precision, waterjet cut slats provide faster drainage for cleaner and drier calves.
    • Available in straight-edge or interlocking formats for use in a variety of calf housing areas including individual pens, group housing, and transition spaces. Ideal for both new construction and retrofit.
    • Easy-to-handle up to 1.22 m x 1.83 m mats secured with Animat’s exclusive Slat Lock anchoring system for fast and easy installation.

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