AER System

Ammonia Emission Reduction
Rubber Flooring

Animat’s new Ammonia Emission Reduction System for sloped concrete alleys ensures comfort and safety for your animals. The grooved surface allows for the continuous evacuation of urine towards collection gutters which reduces ammonia emissions by up to 50%.

Key Product Highlights & Performance Benefits

    • Grooved rubber flooring system aids in the separation of liquids and solids and effectively channels liquids into collection gutters
    • Engineered with 19mm (3/4”) thick heavy-duty vulcanized rubber for maximum durability
    • Interlocked mats with one-sided bevel for insertion into collection gutter system
    • Fast and easy installation using split drive nails
    • Constructed from 100% recycled rubber
    • Proudly made in Canada
    • DLG certified
    • Scientifically proven to reduce ammonia emissions by 50% compared to conventional paved / concrete walking areas
    • Textured surface provides excellent grip and traction for cows to reduce slipping and falls
    • Helps to reduce surface moisture and humidity levels to prevent dermatitis and lameness
    • Walking areas stay drier which improves hoof health
    • Increases cow comfort which in-turn improves herd milk production

Ammonia Emissions Reduced by 50%

AER Flooring

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