Big Momma

The Animat Big Momma mat is not only designed for optimal comfort but also for superior performance. Our styrene butadine rubber is engineered to provide excellent traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls for your cows. Additionally, the unique texture of the mat’s surface helps to prevent the buildup of moisture and bacteria, promoting a healthier barn environment. The Big Momma is also incredibly easy to install and maintain.

Key Product Highlights & Performance Benefits

    • Ultra-durable, 1-5/16” thick styrene butadine rubber is built to last and can withstand consistent, high traffic use.
    • Fine diamond top surface texture is slip-resistant providing enhanced traction for animals.
    • Deep grooves on the bottom of the mat enhance cow comfort and welfare.
    • Designed specifically for the needs of Tie Stall barns and requires little to no maintenance once installed
    • Backed by Animat’s 2 + 5 Year Warranty.

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