Rubber mat flooring for cow comfort

After more than 40 years of research and development, Animat continues to seek ways to improve cow comfort and productivity by producing the highest quality rubber flooring. Over the years, Animat has invested millions of dollars developing and manufacturing cow mats that meet the specific requirements of today’s dairymen and all the technological advances in the industry today.

Animat rubber flooring is an excellent solution for :

    • Holding areas
    • Parlors
    • Stalls
    • Alleys

Animat’s cow mats for dairy cow provides optimal comfort for your herd. It also offers the best quality/price ratio on the market due to the unique design, product research and development, and manufacturing techniques utilized at Animat.

Benefits :

Increased Comfort

The cow mats provide unparalleled comfort for your dairy herd and are the one product that comes closest to replicating the natural conditions found in pastures.

    • Unlike concrete, it helps to absorb shock to feet and legs.
    • Animat’s exclusive non-slip surface offers increased traction and superior cow comfort, even when wet, to allow your cows to maintain a natural sure-footed gait.
    • Significantly decreases the stress associated with moving about.

Improved Safety

Using the rubber flooring System can significantly decrease slippage and falls in the herd and reduces serious injuries related to these events.

Improved Hygiene

Animat cow mats are non-porous and made of 100% recycled rubber, making it very stable and easy to clean and disinfect for a healthy environment. Unlike concrete, and sand bed, stall mats don’t absorb liquid or promote the development of bacteria and adapts well to all existing cleaning methods like flushing, alley scrapers, rubber tire scraping and more.

Improved Heat Detection

Accurate heat detection is a major element in the management of dairy herds and an ongoing concern of all modern dairymen. Unlike concrete surfaces, Animat’s rubber flooring utilizes an exclusive non-slip surface which helps dairy cows feel secure and allows them to show strong natural heats. This is critical if your heat detection is done by visually observing heats. Removing stress associated with mounting can effectively increase your conception ratio since heats appear stronger and are easier to detect.

Increased Profits

For the above reasons and more, the Animat cow mats can be the most cost-effective investment you can make for your dairy.

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