Rubber flooring for beef

Animat rubber flooring for beef is a proven key ingredient for the success of your cattle feeding program.  Animat has the ability to cover any configuration that you may have at your facility.  Our team at animat along with our outstanding dealer network can provide quick and easy solutions for covering your existing or new cattle confinement building with rubber flooring.  We have the possibility of a custom cut solution to fit all areas; sorting pens, bud boxes, alleys, chutes and exit lanes.


      • better traction for the animals getting up or lying down
      • cushion from the hard concrete surface thus minimizing swollen front knees and hocks
      • increased weight gains as cattle tend to show improved feed conversions on rubber vs concrete
      • producers are able to finisher cattle quicker as they reach the target weight sooner on rubber vs. concrete
      • producers are also able to purchase lighter cattle as the rubber flooring allows cattle to be on slats longer with no adverse effects in performance
      • Animat has a direct and immediate impact on the lameness rates at your facility


Research and Trials Tell Story

Producers around the United States are reporting on feed conversion trials done on their own farms and the results are positive. The numbers show an increase in weight gain and improved feed conversion over the same time period when compared to cattle on concrete.  Also, the number of suspect cattle or realizers drops significantly in the pens covered with rubber.

Many producers have commented that cattle seem less stressed on the rubber due to the fact that they are able to move around in the pens with less fear of slipping. Another comment that we are hearing frequently is that cattle in pens with rubber flooring tend to act naturally when getting up and down.  Producers are observing more natural resting behaviors instead of long periods of standing and then longs periods of lying down.  This, in turn, results in more frequent visits to the feed bunk and different intake patterns resulting in better feed conversions and gains.

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