SureHoof Pavers

Introducing SureHoof pavers, a revolutionary solution designed for the equine market. These interlocking pavers, meticulously crafted from recycled rubber, redefine the comfort, safety, and sustainability standards for your equine spaces.

Immerse your barn aisles, stall floors, and walking paths in the unmatched durability and resilience of SureHoof pavers. The dog-bone shape not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures a secure and slip-resistant surface, promoting the well-being of your horses.

More than just a flooring option, SureHoof Pavers embodies environmental consciousness; they offer a comfortable, non-toxic, and calming environment for your horses while contributing to a greener equestrian future.

Key Product Highlights & Performance Benefits

    • SureHoof 100% premium, recycled rubber interlocking pavers are engineered to provide exceptional performance and longevity in demanding outdoor areas that receive high-traffic from horses, people, vehicles and machinery
    • Provides a safe, non-slip surface in both wet and dry conditions to reduce the risk of falls and injuries for both horses and people.
    • Offers excellent shock absorption and stability which reduces fatigue and joint strain, promoting better overall health and well-being.
    • The cushioning and sound dampening effect of rubber pavers helps to reduce noise levels in the barn, creating a quieter and less stressful environment for horses.
    • Sustainable and environmentally friendly recycled rubber composition is animal-safe and non-toxic.
    • Attractive, cobblestone appearance enhances any indoor or outdoor space and is ideal for use in barn aisle ways, wash stalls, feed rooms, tackup areas, racetrack facilities, walking paths, driveways and terraces.
    • Fast and easy interlocking installation and virtually maintenance-free. Can be adhered or loose-laid depending on the substrate preparation.

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