Diamond Traction

Animat Diamond Traction Rubber Rolls are made from 3/4” thick vulcanized SBR rubber with nylon inserts and provide great traction for cows in areas where slipping is a concern such as alleys, holding pens, crossovers or sloped areas. Rolled rubber reduces the overall number of seams in your barn flooring which lowers the incidences of cleaning equipment snags.

Key Product Highlights & Performance Benefits

    • Constructed from 3/4” thick SBR rubber flooring that minimizes lifting and curling while lowering the absorption of fluids.
    • The diamond surface is specifically designed to increase traction and prevent injuries due to slipping allowing cows to walk more confidently and safely.
    • Ribbed bottom for added comfort and enhanced drainage.
    • Available in 48”, 60”, 72” widths in 100 foot rolls.
    • Ideal for use in holding pens, feeding areas, crossovers, free stall alleys and sloped areas.
    • Reinforced with nylon inserts for added durability and to minimize stretching.

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