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Animat: World Leader in high-quality recycled rubber flooring

animatAnimat is a well-known Canadian company that has specialized in the design and manufacture of recycled rubber flooring for the last 25 years. Our flooring has various uses in the dairy and horse industries and as anti-fatigue mats and floor protection in commercial and industrial areas.

Animat’s state-of-the-art plant and equipment produce high-quality rubber flooring that surpasses other products on the market. Our products, made using a unique process of re-vulcanizing recycled rubber, have distinctive characteristics that are valued worldwide. Whether it is the tested and true Interlock rubber flooring system,  the revolutionary Animatelas or any other product in our line, Animat has the rubber flooring to satisfy your needs.

Animat is also one of the largest suppliers of crumb rubber in North America.  Whether it is for sports fields or moulded products, Animat's top quality crumb rubber is the perfect solution.  We invite you to go through our web site to discover all the related informations for the Animat products.

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